Food For Thought: Why It's Very Important That Npower Volunteers Should Network Within Them Selves

When  N-power Volunteers  network within them selves it will enable them create that relationship which will eventually lead to other opportunities and Effective networking is achieved through cultivating relationships over time.

Reach out to your contacts particularly those with whom you already have a personal, professional,  academic or working  connection  like your PPA colleagues. Will need to connect in future probably help each other with information when  you are looking for a job. Share ideas about your Improved  C V Presentation and make sure your colleagues  know what your skills and talents are, so that they keep you in mind if they hear of any openings.

After N-power what next? If you have been an active member of a cooperative or business associations at the place of your  primary assignment, stay in touch and keep those connections alive; such networking activities provide good opportunities for job leads. Stay in touch with your PPA supervisors or managers, if
you left a good impression, they might be able to help. Many great job opportunities are not advertised; they are often help by personal contacts.

Not all N-power Volunteers will be fortunate enough to be housed and fed by relations for an indefinite period, you cannot afford to sit at home until you find another job when N-Power is No more. Don't focus solely on your area of study, be flexible and broaden your scope, expanding your search to related fields this will boost your chances of hnding something that will still utilise your training and abilities and enhance your skills.

Try to identify that special gift or talent that you might have ignored before now. Do people always comment on your photos or writing skills? Are you good at public speaking or organising, web design or programming? Can you design clothes or model them? If you can play musical instrument.

One way to get a foot in the door with a company or organisation is to demonstrate to them what you can do, even without pay. With your N-power  volunteering experience, you have an Opportunity to impress by showcasing your skills, commitment and professionalism. This might make them want to hire you. Even if they don’t, you would have gain Avaluable experience.

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