How Nigerian Youths Are Turning Their Passion Into Wealth

At a time when some employer of labour are tagging Nigerian graduate unemployable due to their inability to truly provide jobs for the masses, the youth of Nigeria are all ramification proving these employers of labour wrong as most of them are doing all they can in turning their passion into wealth.

Nigerian youths are smart, hard working and very resourceful people that  easily turn ideas to something great. The only need the right platform to make things happen. Most of them are doing great in various field  like the Entertainment, ICT, Agriculture, Publishing, Advertising, Manufacturing and Social Services. Some are making millions and others are earning substantial income to support their self.

The funny part is that after these youths that were rejected eventually make name for them selves, those employers who earlier rejected them for one excuse or the other will then want to associate with them in one way or the other by trying to engaging them as company ambassadors.

We hear alot that export bring back income that help grow economy and that when you buy your local product you grow your country's economy, that is what Nigerian youths are doing at the moment. Nigeria Music and Movies is well recognized globally right now and are been exported to other countries around the world which in turn bring back income to grow the economy. Not mentioning youth who are also engaging in publishing activities like blogging and other legal international trade and are making cash in dollars.

If you are reading this article right now and you are unemployed and have not queue into any of these activities, pls go and train, develop  your self with the necessary skills in any of the field talk about above and start making money with your passion. Government can not provide jobs for everyone but they can create that conducive atmosphere and support to help these youth achieve their aims.

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