Updated: Five Things NPower Volunteers Must Do To keep Their NPVN Profile Safe

This article was written in 2016 and we have updated it to meet up with changes.The article was created to help Npower volunteer of 2016 keep their NPVN detail safe from scammers, and now we want to equally create awareness to the 2017 volunteers to follow the same steps below to keep their NPVN profile safe when fully integrated into the programme.

The Five (5) Things Npower Beneficiaries Must Do To Keep Their NPVN Profile Safe from fraud are listed below:

  • Visit your NPVN Profile Regularly to check for any new update or omission
  • Change your NPVN Password from your usual Name password to a new password best known to only you.
  • Do not expose your vital data or personal information such as: phone number, bank account number, bank account Name and login password publicly on social media or any one.
  • Do not ask for help from any one unknown to you for NPVN Profile update. If in any case you find it hard to login to your NPVN Profile due to poor network connection, visit any Cyber cafe which have strong network closer to you for easy access to your NPVN Profile.
  • Make Sure you logout from your NPVN Profile each time you are done accessing your NPVN Profile either with your phone or at the Cyber Cafe

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