NPower January Stipends Countdown (What's On Your Mind)

January is always an enduring month for every salary earner most especially those that lavish their income by December and are left with less or nothing. Npower volunteers are  not exceptional from this situation, some of them have spend  all their stipends during the December holiday and are now looking at their  calendar and counting days, hoping for magic.

Which category do you belong to? Is it the Beneficiary who collect his stipend and spend it on things that don't yield profit or a beneficiary that invest his stipend on something that gives value? Whatever it is, Lets hope that Npower pay Next week because some beneficiaries has collected their backlog payment this week.

Think of something to invest your money on, that way you will not wait for pay day which take long sometimes. We are getting to the end of the programme for 2016 volunteers. What next after exit? Think now and start acting.


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