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Reviving STEM education in Africa

Over the years, research has revealed that the quality of STEM education; like other core areas in Africa has steadily and gradually declined. This is as a result of various challenges such as poverty, inadequate funding; lack of interest from students, unqualified '(teachers inadequate learning aids, incessant strikes/ industrial actions, just to mention a few.

In promoting the various opportunities for sound education background for the African student especially as it relates to STEM, InterswitchSPAK Switch-a-Future Initiative is being introduced predominantly for high school students to chart the ideal career pet! and drive them towards full optimization of their potentials fulfillment of their dreams (either as an inventor or entrepreneur) thereby making Africa a better place to live in!

lnterswitchSPAK switch-a-future Initiative is a unique concept developed to identify, promote and ignite the right support and reward for STEM students in Africa.

All students who make it to the TV quiz competition stage would get plaques, certificate of participation and educational grants amongst other things: InterswitchSPAK winners will win the following (suggested) prizes aside from cash:

Second prize

  • Three (3) years University Scholarship worth #4,000,000
  • Laptop
  • (optional) automatic employment at lnterswitch upon graduation

First prize

  • Five (5) years University Scholarship
  • Annual stipend worth N7,500,000
  • Laptop
  • (optional) automatic employment at Interswitch upon graduation

Third prize

  • One (1) year University Scholarship worth  N1,000,000
  • (optional) automatic employment at lnterswitch upon graduation

Closing date: 15th April, 2018

How to register:
Interested schools or students should:

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