Poll: Which Among These Npower Programmes Helps Develop Volunteers Skills To Becoming Real Entrepreneurs

There are so much comparison as of  which NPower programme of the Federal government Social Investment Initiatives develop beneficiaries skills the most and help prepare them with the right mind set to become real entrepreneurs.

In as much as all the NPower programmes are good and beneficial to the beneficiaries, We think the technical section of the programme which is the NPower non graduate programme: NPower Build, N-Power Creative, N-Power Tech Hardware, N-Power Tech Software has the potential to develop real entrepreneurs because they are been provided with tools trained by experts to acquire skills that will remain with them forever, while the NPower Teach Corps which comprises of N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro and N-Tax are only given the opportunity to acquire work experience that will make them employable to work for others.

What are your Opinion on this? We have created a poll to capture your opinions on this matter. Simply choose from the NPower Programme listed below and comment in favour of the programme you think can create real entrepreneurs.

Which Of This NPower Programmes Can Create Real Entrepreneurs?

  • NPower Build
  • N-Power Creative
  • N-Power Tech Hardware
  • N-Power Tech Software
  • N-Power Teach
  • N-Power Health
  • N-Power Agro
  • N-Power Tax

Your voting matters.

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