NPower Poll: Do You Agree That NPower Teachers Doing Better At School Than Permanent Staff.

We see alot of post on our social media channel where some Npower teach volunteers claimed to be doing better at school than the permanent staff. True or false?

The Nteach Volunteers were supposed to serve as assistant teachers in their respective places of primary assignment. However, in some school the reverse is the case as they were made to take the duties of permanent teachers.

To clear the air on this matter, we have decided to create a poll to confirm from the horses mouth. If you think NPower Teach Volunteers are doing better or otherwise than the permanent staff, simply choose your prefer answer from the option given below and comment.

Do You Agree That NPower Teachers Are Doing Better Than Permanent Staff?

  • True
  • False

Remember if you find your self in this situation discharging more responsibilities than expected, note that you are servicing your future. Do not relent, try to give your best and surely your reward well come in full.

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