Friday, March 16, 2018

When God Places Confusion In The Midst of Your Enemies As NPower Volunteer (Must Read)

What belong to you as an NPower Beneficiary or aspiring Npower volunteer will not be denied even if is delayed. Those mocking you now will live to see you shine, Any evil forces against your success shall be put to shame and all your enemies discussing your issues shall be put to confusion just like the story of these lions and antelope.

A family of 5 lions were hunting for food after a long week of hunger strike due to shortage of animal to hunt, suddenly an antelope walk through their part and got trap by the 5 lions. Just as they were about to chop the antelope into pieces, confusion set between the lions and then they start fighting each other and the antelope stood up and gently walk away.

Are you an NPower beneficiary waiting for your device or your backlog payment? Were you selected as 2016 NPower beneficiary and after rectifying your error, you are still waiting to get paid?  Are you among the 2017 preselected applicants that are waiting for the final list after physical verification? Did you apply for 2017 Npower preselected but misses  the physical verification exercise?

Which ever category you fall under, your story shall be like that antelope that escape been used for dinner by lions. In order words, you shall overcome any difficult circumstances regarding NPower issues and become successful at the end. If you believe let me hear you say "Amen or I believe"

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