36 State Of Nigeria And Their Motto

We did some research online about this topic and discovered that most article related to this topic are about the list of State of Nigeria and their capital. So we decided to write about  the State if Nigeria and their motto.

1. Kogi State- Confluence State
2. Oyo State - The pace shelter 
3. Akwa Ibom state -The land of promise
4. Anambra State- Light of the nation
5. Gombe State- Jewel in the Savannah.
6. Kaduna State- Center of learning
7. Kano State: Centre of commerce
8. Osun State- Land Of Virtue
9. Benue State-  Food Basket of the nation
10. Rivers State- Treasure base of the Nation
11. Enugu State- Coal city
12. Niger State- Power state
13. Kebbi State- Land of Equity
14. Bauchi State- Pearl of tourism
15. Zamfara State-  Farming is our pride.
16. Delta State- Finger of God.
17. Nasarawa State- Home of solid mineral
18. Katsina State- Home of hospitality
19. Kwara State- State of harmony
20. Lagos State-  Center of Excellence Lagos.
21. Edo State- The heart beat of the nation.
22. Plateau State- Home of peace and tourism
23.Sokoto State- Seat of the caliphate
24. Jigawa State- The New world
25. Abia State- God's own state
26. 0ndo State- The sunshine state.
27. Borno State- Home of peace
28. Cross River State- People's paradise
29. Imo State- Eastern Heartland.
30. Yobe State- Pride of the sahel
31.Ogun State- The Gateway state
32. Ebonyi State- The Salt of the nation
33. Bayelsa State- Glory of all Land.
34. Adamawa State- Highest peak of the nation
35. Ekiti State- Land of Honour and intergrity
36. Taraba State- Nature's gift to the Nation

This State motto are the new ones. Some of this state has sense changed their old motto to new ones

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