Five Side Hustle NYSC Corps Members Can Do While In Camp

I know some of the prospective NYSC Corps Members are business oriented but don't actually know that they can hustle to make extra cash in camp pending when they receive their first allowance. This theory is generated out of my experience as an ex youth corper, then I had no idea about this NYSC Camp side hustle and I was in camp with only N3000.

I eventually ran out of cash while in camp in few days and had to request for extra cash from home. If I had known what I know right now, that would not have happened.

NYSC Camp is a place where people from different background rich and poor come together for one purpose to serve their father land after graduating from university. However, corpers with more pocket money enjoy the camp most because they can afford to skip eating camp meal and go for balance meal which they have to purchase in camp restaurant.

There are some other things you can use money for in camp like white short, white t-shirts and white sneakers in case the one giving to you by NYSC is not your size. You can as well decide to patronize tailors in camp to reduce the size of your NYSC uniform into fitted. All this demand money, nevertheless you can overcome this situation by engaging in side hustle in camp.

1. You can sale recharge cards: NYSC camp is an avenue where recharge cards are in high demand.
2. You can do cash in cash out money transaction for your fellow corps members but that can only be possible if you are a mobile money agent
3. Buy white short and white t-shirts in bulk from home and sale in camp because those things are in high demand in camp.

4. Photograph hustle: using your smart phone to take passports and other form of photos for your colleagues

This are some of the side hustle that can earn you money in camp as a corper.

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