How To Resize Your Passport And ID Card For Easy Upload On NPVN Portal

So NPowerNG has provided the requirement your images must meet for easy upload on the NPVN Portal. According to Npower, your passport and ID card should fit the following requirements:

  • Only JPEG, JPG, PNG, (no animated) GIF 
  • Minimum height of 100px 
  • Maximum file size 1MB
However, some applicants are still finding it difficult to resize their image. So we decided to create his post to help you do that. There are couple of apps on google play store that when downloaded on your android mobile phone will help you resize your images. App like Photo Compressor

All you have to do is to download the app, resize your image before uploading on the npvn portal so that you won't have issue of passport and ID card upload and not displaying on your profile.

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