New Npower Beneficiaries Device Selection, Password Change And Other Issues Response

Good Morning!

Some of the New Npower selected applicants has been asking the following questions:
=>How to change their NPVN portal password?
=>Why some numbers is missing from their bvn number?
=>Can they edit their information on the npvn portal?
=>How can they select their device on the npvn portal.

Npower has reacted to some of the questions. According to Npower, there is currently no device selection option for new beneficiaries on their profiles and same goes to password change. You shall be updated about this in the next stage.

You can not edit your npvn profile at the moment and for the issue of the missing zero number at beginning of your bvn, Npower is aware. It is probably not a mistake but a normal action taking which will automatically be corrected so don't panic.

As regard to your password, it is very important that you write your password down so that you won't forget it and start looking for ways to change it. As its at the moment there is no option for password change. Npower may include the option later though.

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  1. what about those that have issues about their OTP code.I personally receive all most 30 code of OTP and none of it is successfully. so what is way out?

  2. What about those who don't chose their devices(selected their devices)?


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