N-Power Beneficiaries React As Some Senators Scored N-SIP Low And Threaten To Scrap The Programme

So we heard that some Senators are criticizing the implementation of the National Social Investment Programme and scored it low. They said people are not feeling the impact. Some threatened the scrap of the programme.

We did some research to prove them wrong that the programme has impacted so many lives in the country. Below are some of the NPower comments regarding to this matter:

The first beneficiary to comment stated that success stories recorded by all beneficiaries from various arms of the program which include Npower before saying any other thing because this isn't the first time they will summon them.

I am really scared of all the bunch of leaders we have most especially at the upper chamber. The fact that this Government was transparent in selecting beneficiaries across the federation is really frustrating them cos their people are on their neck. If that is the case, how about the money collected for constituency project, what have they use the money for? Only 10% of those senators have judiciously used the money to carry out various constituency project while others embezzled the fund and they have the gut to query the SIP when they are supposed to access their constituency performance. This callous, inhuman and frivolous senators are the real cause of the problems we 're facing in this country and if care is not taken, the SIP will seize to exist.

That is why at time, one must be political especially when it comes to issue of this nature, we must not allow this set of leaders who not to the
leaders who got to the position through rigging process continue to rubbish this program, enough is enough. If they really want to see the positive effect of this program, let them leave Abuja and take a tour to their various constituency and ask the beneficiaries themselves instead of coming to national television and consistently rubbishing this program as if the officials didn't know that they are doing. It also sad to note that not even up to 200bi||ion has been released for this program so far and 500billion has been budgeted for it.

Project was initiated by volunteers across the federation this can be attested to through their various social media and to worsen the whole matter, they are now comparing sure p to SIP, really! I mean really!!! Democracy they say is the Government of the people, by the people and for the people. If these leaders are not ready to work for the people, then let them leave the position and allow new breed of leaders take over, enough is enough. Most they politicize everything? Why can't they be human for ones and let go this nonchallant attitude of theirs. Well, as far as Npower program is concern, it has
recorded a lot of success stories and the impact is being felt by the state's especially by the Head of our various PPA. So we call on all the senators of the federal republic of Nigeria to take a tour to their various constituency and fInd our for themselves the impact/success this program has recorded.
AbdulRauf Kolawole Those that blew hot on the

programme are enemies of good things and honestly thy hv no good things to offer

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Don Walter Just because of the feud

between them and the presidency they want to rubbish the program at the youth detriment. But I trust PMB he doesn't easily bow to pressure
h“ ‘ A )

,. if

Those that blew hot on the programme are enemies of good things and honestly thy hv no good things to offer

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Andrew America Voke Their plan to rubbish the

programme will not work. They are just pained because they have no control over the programme.

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Iorwuese Daniel hahaha, make i laff. they were

not given chance to inject ghost names into the list. so how will they know the impact? it goes a long to show the gap that exists between the senators and their constituents. if only that old man know what affect the people of his constituency, he would have known that there is a programme called npower that has affected the lives of his people. if that kind of senator is in my place, we organize and make sure is voted out, thieves!

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