New Beneficiaries Guide For Selecting The Best N-Power Device

I have received lots of messages from the new NPower Beneficiaries asking about the best N-power device to select and also their inability to select device during application period and if N-power will allow them select device again.

My response to this device question is straight forward, all the NPower device that is been distributed are of good shape. Each Npower device has its advantage over the other, it all depend on your choice. The device come in Windows and Android. Below are names of the devices for 2017 beneficiaries
1) AfriOne Npower iPad
2) Samsung Npower Tablets
3) Npower RLG Tablets
4) Npower Zinox Zpad Tablets
5) Floss Signature Npower Tablets

In 2016, beneficiaries were giving 8 device options to select from. However, Three of the devices available for 2016 beneficiaries were removed from the 2017 device list and are now left with 5 device options to select from. The devices that were removed from the list are:

1) Speed star Tab
2) Techno Tab
3) HP Tab

These 3 device are more expensive than the others and beneficiaries may incurred more cost if they select any of the 3 device listed above. Just like the way 2016 beneficiaries who selected these 3 devices stipends were deducted to pay for the extra cost.

The five devices provided for the 2017 beneficiaries to select from has no extra cost and if selected, beneficiaries will be receiving their full stipends. Some of you were able to select these devices during your application period and some were not. Those who were unable to select their device during the course of application will be giving another chance to select their device when it is time.

Nevertheless, if you have selected your device and the option did not appear on npvn profile do not panic Npower will update you on what to do next when the time comes.

So you don't have to worry yourself about which device to go for, just decide and pick your choice when it is time to select. What matters most is the learning materials that will be preloaded on the device for you to learn. Your device will be preloaded with learning materials specifically for the programme you are selected for, the device will be customized with your Name.

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