Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Text Translation Of The Facebook LIVE Video Chat With Afolabi Imuokhuede

We decided to share with you the text format of the Facebook live video chat conducted yesterday by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on job creation and youth empowerment Mr Afolabi Imuokhuede. In case you missed the live chat, below is the transcript.

It's 17 months in the programme, I hope by now you have been able to appreciate the programme. Remember the programme is an employability and enhancement programme, so by now you should be taking advantage of all materials on your device.

Kindly note that when your payment is on hold, you won't be receiving backlogs for the duration, however if your payment is on hold due to an error, a genuine error, then you will be paid backlogs for that duration.

Once you 're on payment for 45 ,60 to 90 davs and you didn't reoularise with us, you will be exited from the program. If there is a case of wrongful exit, you shouldn't be the one to prove it, contact the head of your PPA to reach us.

Make sure you go through the LEARN in your device for your own advantage. How you relate in your PPA and community is very important for your interpersonal skills that will also enhance your employability.

Take advantage of your device because there are lots to learn from it that will set you apart from others. There are materials for Digital marketing and Job hunting in it. Don't just be an alumni of N-power but be an alumni of digital literacy.

Make sure you set business from your stipend before the end of the programme. The promise of the President is to place the empowerment in your hand, so take good advantage from it. We will continue our engagement with the states government where there are specific opportunities so that they will give offer to those who have been serving and it will come in a competitive process. Your future is in your hand and maximize it.

Indiscipline is not allowed in N-power, so be disciplined.

We are having conversation with the Min of Finance, you will be CTLO's at the end of your program and will work with your state gov't task force for the remaining duration of 2 years of the N-power program.

Majority of you now have your device. For those that are yet to receive theirs, please continue to make contact with MTN office in your location. MTN has been quite slow in distribution. Lafia beneficiaries can now go for their device at MTN office. But be rest assured you will all get your devices.

Those who attended the extension training their names have been received and submitted to MTN and we are told your device is ready for collection.

As you know, we work with budget. The Nigerian budgeting process affects the payment. Budgets does not always equals to releases. Sometime, the timing for the release delays the payment because due process must be followed.

Everyone will be settled, keep faith in the program.

As you know, the President has declared to seek re-election.

You will be exited from the Npower program, so take full advantage of your stipend and materials in your device. We will continue engaging state governments for Jobs if any. We will also encourage private companies to look into the npower program for your suitability. We will be looking forward in giving you seed capital for your business.

2017 PRE-SELECTED APLLICANTS: Npower is a full time program. Attendance and discipline is critical. As you may have learnt, we exited some beneficiaires of the program for this reason.

We empathize with you, will you have preferred that will engage you and then struggle to pay your stipends? Kindly note that we have not forgotten you. In one or two weeks time, we will be announcing successful pre-selected applicants after verification. Please note that after the announcement you will have the opportunity to choose your preferred device from the npvn portal

Npower has not sent anyone congratulatory messages, please ignore the rumour making rounds.

Hope your training is running smoothly. As you know, your training started march lst and you have 3 months of internship and 9 months of apprenticeship.You should take your training serious. Maximise your time, when you don't get attendance, you won't qualify for graduation.

There is a process in payment,we will first collate your details and then validation. About 40-50% of you have now qualified for payments.

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