Updated: Other Ways To Fix NPVN OTP Error And Passport/Id Upload Challenges

If you are still having challenges generating otp code Please log back on to the portal with your phone number. Once you are able to view your status and you do not receive an OTP via SMS, kindly go through the following steps.

  • Click on the "Retrieve it here" button on the "Confirm OTP" page
  • Fill in the "Quickly retrieve OTP" option and submit.This automatically generates an OTP .
  • Click "dismiss" the OTP will appear on the required box , then click "submit"

After completing these steps you can now create a new password to gain access to your profile.

However, according to Npower there is a simpler way to get this over with

  • Refresh the page follow instructions till you arrive the OTP page then
  • Click on "Quickly retrieve it here"
  • Next you will be asked to fill in your program e.g NTeach, N-Agro or NHealth, last four digits of your BVN and your date of birth
  • Next click submit and the OTP immediately pops up.

Passport and ID Card upload:

Before you begin updating your NPVN Profile, please ensure that your image fits the requirements below

1. only JPEG, JPG, PNG, (no animated) GIF
2. Minimum height of 100px
3. Maximum file size 1MB

Nonetheless if you have done the npvn update and arrived at your npvn dashboard/ home page, without uploading your image, you can use the strategy below to solve the issue:

  • login to your npvn dashboard using your user name and password.
  • Check your dashboard address link on top of the page on your browser and edit  the dashboard to onboard. For instance Change npvn.npower.gov.ng/dashboardto npvn.Npower.gov.ng/onboard and it will  take you back to a place to upload your passport and ID.

Note that you can also reach Npower for  help if your issues persist by visiting the "Report the issue" button, please check on it and follow the steps listed.

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