When One Door Closes Another Opens (A story Of Unselected NPower Applicant Who Got A Permanent Appointment)

An Unselected NPower 2017 Applicant share his story with NPower Discussion Group and we think it will be nice for us to share and encourage others who may be in that situation. According to the poster, It is indeed my turn to work with the Federal Government despite the initial denial from Npower. Here is my letter of deployment. Almighty be praised!

He received a letter of appointment regarding his enlistment into the federal teachers scheme (FTS) and recruitment registration on 3rd April, 2018 informing him of his deployment to community primary school Ojudu, Ikeja local govt education authority. He was enlisted by the university basic education commission (UBEC) and his salary will be paid by the Federal Government.

As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. That is the story Of this unselected NPower Applicant Who Got A Permanent Appointment with (UBEC). If you are reading this right now, you shall tap from such blessings soon.

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