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Become an AU-YV!
Deciding to become an AU-YV is a life changing decision opening opportunities to serve in a community other than your own and assisting in the local development efforts. Africa needs countless skilled labor each year in all fields and professional sectors. Youth Volunteerism has contributed significantly to the development of most advanced economies and contributes a substantively to annual GDP. In Africa, Youth Volunteerism would not only contribute directly to the development of the continent, but is also a means of direct and meaningful youth participation and empowerment.

As a volunteer, apart from applying your skills and knowledge to solve everyday challenges, you would gain crucial international work experience and acquire a great deal of leadership and soft skills, develop your 5 A reliance and acquire new professional skills.

Most of all however, you would gain a life changing experience of learning a new culture, experience a new lifestyle, and get to know a new African country and its people outside your own. This experience would guaranteed shape your life and remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

Main Commitment
Your duties and responsibilities would mainly be to serve the community, organization or institution where you will be deployed. This will be in relation with your field of study or past experience. At present the main areas of focus for AUYV are: Education; Health and HIV/ AIDS, Peace and Security, Information and Communications Technology, Business and Youth Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Environment.

During your deployment your overall objective shall remain to bring a lasting and sustainable impact and benefits to your host community/ organization and promote the spirit of volunteerism and values of service.

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is change driven and has passion for development,
  • Has great deal of leadership skills and can guide others,
  • Remains productive under pressure and in challenging environments,
  • Is flexible, independent, and has sense of humor,
  • Self-motivated and has interest in volunteer work,
  • Has absorptive capacity to learning on the job,
  • Appreciates and respects other languages, cultures, religious and social norms,
  • Has a great deal of social networking skills.

This would require you to demonstrate leadership, discipline and dedication throughout your service and especially during challenging and difficult times.

Who Can Apply 

In order to be considered for this program, you must fulfill all of the following requirements: 

  • You must be an African Citizen or you are of African Decent (African Diaspora with non African Citizenship) 
  • You are age 18 34 
  • You have at least a post secondary certified training and qualifications (Bachelor equivalent) with above average performance 
  • Available to dedicate minimum of 12 (twelve) months to 24 (twentyfour) months for volunteer work 
  • Good knowledge of at least one official AU languages (Arabic, English, French, Portuguese) and willing to learn others 
  • Verifiable minimum of one year of volunteer and one year of work experience 
  • You have an up to date and chronologically complete Curriculum Vitae (please click on Sample CV for reference) 


Your deployment will be a minimum of 12 months and however shall not exceed 24 months.

Closing date: not stated

How to apply:
Interested and qualified applicants should:

Apply here

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