Federal Fire Service Exam Past Questions And Answers

We did some research and compiled some Federal Fire Service Exam past questions and answers for you to practice with. We will keep updating this post with new Federal fire service past questions and answers as we come across them.

Remember that when study early ahead of an upcoming exam, you stand a high chance of exiling in that exam. So why not start practicing now? Below are some Federal fire service exam past questions and answers we compiled for you:

1) What is the Mission of the Federal Fire Service?
ANSWER: Our Mission To ensure safety of lives and property by extinguishing, control and prevention of fire outbreak through Regulation, Training, Enforcement, Public Enlightenment Programmes and impact reduction during emergencies through adequate preparedness.

2) When was the Federal Fire Service Established?
ANSWER: 1901

3) In 1901 the federal fire service as a unit within the Lagos police service department duties was to?
ASWER: To prevent and combat fire outbreaks in the government reserved Areas of Lagos colony.

4) what was the then fire service unit incorporated alongside the Lagos police called?
ANSWER: Lagos Police Fire Brigade

5) When was the Lagos police fire brigade became Federal Fire Service by a act of Parliament?
ANSWER: 1963

6) What is the title the Head of Federal Fire Service Called?
ANSWER: Controller General

7) The Federal Fire Service is a paramilitary organization! True or False?

8) Who is the current Controller General of Federal Fire Service?
ANSWER: Joseph Garba Anebi

9) The Federal Fire Service fall under which government ministry?
ANSWER: Ministry of interior

10) Which regime established the federal fire service?
ANSWER: British Colonial Regime

11) Name the For Agencies under the Ministry of interior?
1) Nigeria Prisons Services (NPS)
2) Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)
3) Federal Fire Service (FFS)
4) Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC).

12) What is the Name of the current Minister of interior?

More questions and answers coming soon! Stay tuned.

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