Good News: NPower Discussion Group Is Set To Launch An Online Marketplace For Npower Volunteers

As an Npower Volunteer, I have been thinking of a perfect way to create a platform in which  Npower volunteers N-Agro, N-Health, N-Teach, N-Tax and the non graduate programmes Volunteers can easily market their product and also buy from other colleagues from the comfort of their homes any where in Nigeria. So we have decided to create an e-commerce platform Title "NDG Marketplace" to help Volunteers transact securely.

This will help some of the N-Agro volunteers sell their farm produce on the platform to avoid wastage. We also know that some of us in N-Teach, N-health, N-tax are potential entrepreneurs so the platform is going to be a perfect place to connect and transact business in the form of buying and selling of good and service.

Members of Npower discussion group will be allowed to display what the want to sell on the e-commerce platform and buyers can contact them to buy.

N-Agro will be allowed to post their farm produce, N-teach can post if they are available to be hired for extra moral classes, N-health can post the health care service they can provide to the audience, N-Build can post the services they can provide and finally N-Tech hardware and software can market their innovations.

The NDG Marketplace e-commerce platform specially created for Npower volunteers will be ready soon. However, we wants to here your opinion on this.

Note: This is just an NPower Volunteer initiatives as part of his contributions to help the community of Npower volunteers achieve certain goals.

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