MSMEClinicsNG: Ondo Is Where To Be Today The 2nd And 3rd Of May 2018

The place To be in Nigeria today if you are a business owner is MSME Clinic  which hold in Dome Akure, 0ndo State today the 2nd and 3rd of May, 2018

If you are an MSME, please come through and take advantage of the Government MDAs congregated to provide solutions JUST FOR YOU.

Business Registration at half price, Speedy Access to Finance, Product Registration and Certification are some of the benefits MSMEs get from the clinics.

Vice President Prof. Osinbajo will on Thursday May 3rd 2018 visit Akure, 0ndo State for the Inauguration of the msmeclinicsng. The last msme clinic was held in Anambra state and Ondi State is the next.

0ndo are you ready?

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