Nine Ways To Keep Your N-Power Device Safe From Developing Technical Issues

We hear and see some Npower Volunteers complaining about one or two issues about their device upon collection, device screen broken and other talked about technical issues. So we decided to create this article to help you maintain your devices from developing fault. Below are some tips to help you maintain your device:

1. Prevent the Tablet PC from failing to the ground or being strongly impacted otherwise.
2. Do not use it in the long term in any environment where the air is too cold, too hot or with too much dust
3. Do not expose the Tablet PC to sunlight.
4. Avoid using the Tablet PC in a strong magnetic and static environment as much as possible.
5. Once any water or other liquid splashes onto the Tablet PC, close it immediately and do not use it until it
dries out
6. Do not clean the Tablet PC with any detergent containing chemical element or other liquid to avoid causing damage due to corrosion and becoming damp. if cleaning is really necessary, clean it with dry soft cloth or tissue paper.
7. Please back up your important material frequently to avoid data loss.
8. Please do not disassemble the Tablet PC by yourself. If necessary visit a professional for repairs.
9. Replacement with incorrect type batteries may cause explosion. Make sure to use original batteries.

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