N-Power Volunteers In Focus (What We Do)

There are Volunteers Scattered around the world discharging one or two duties. Every Volunteer doing Volunteering job are unique for what they do, but there is something special about N-Power Volunteers.

They are smart, strong, young, energetic and ready to work. They are not lazy.

They teach, serve as health and agriculture extension officers within their communities. Watch the full video version below>>

Impact has been made, lives has been touched through NPOWER Volunteers. They took it upon themselves to make something meaningful out of their situation because they are not lazy and they grab the single opportunity given to them by FGN.

Under the rain, the sun across every villages, town, city within Nigeria you will hear their voice and feel their presence because of what the do.

They have acquired skills, experience and are now ready to serve their mother land proper.

They pray each day and night that may the Good Lord show our leaders the way to see reasons why these bunch of build skills and experience Volunteers be turn to  permanent workers so that they will continue to provide services to this great Nation Nigeria.

So help them lord. May NPOWER continue


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