NPower Asked Volunteers To Rate NPower Devices In A Twitter & Facebook Poll (Join The Discussion)

It is time to end the long arguments between Npower beneficiaries on issue of NPower device. Since every beneficiary would not agree that the device he/ she selected is not the least rated device among others.

Npower has finally create a real quick poll on twitter and on their Facebook page to end the argument. According to Npower, you are require to participate in answering the questions below on which device you think is the least and the best in terms of user friendliness.

Poll question: 1 & 2
1. Which N-Power Device would you rate as best?
2. Which N-Power Device would you rate least?

Type your answers like this:
1. Best: Device Name and Why.
2. Least: Device Name and Why.

Join the poll on Twitter

Join the poll on Facebook

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