Category Of NPower Beneficiary That May Likely Get Permanent Offer In Their PPA

The call for permanency by N-Power Volunteers is understandable and a welcome idea, that is what any focus and reasonable group of workers will demand from its government, but the issue of permanency has never been in N-Power agenda because from the beginning of the programme they stated the terms and condition of the programme clearly that selected beneficiaries will be engage  for two years to acquire employability skills that will enable them qualify to apply for other jobs or start their own business. That is not withstanding, they might still consider volunteers agitation for permanency, that is why the call for permanency by volunteers is commendable.

However, some beneficiaries will get a permanent offer in their places of primary assignment not from FG or Npower. That is those who dedicate their selves in performing their duties diligently. Npower term and conditions will not stop any organization from offering a beneficiary  permanent offer because the aim of the programme is to equip beneficiaries with skills to get employment.

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Few month ago, Mr Afolabi in his Facebook video chat revealed that it is very important that beneficiaries conduct their selves diligently in their various place of primary assignment. And we believed  he said that because he knows what will happen when you behave professionally in your place of work.

Below are the category of N-Power beneficiaries that will likely get a permanent offer from the place of their primary assignment:

  • Your quality of being honest and having strong moral principle
  • Your ability to give due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of your co- workers (external or internal workers)
  • Your passion in wanting to work hard
  • Your creative problem solving skills
  • Your ability to develop an healthy relationship at the place of your primary assignment.

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