Highlights Of Mr Afolabi Facebook Live Video Chat Transcript - 27 June 2018

Mr Afolabi started on today's Facebook Live video chat by congratulating the Edo and Oyo Npower team for the nice gesture during the Vice president's visit. .

He also conveyed President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo greetings to all Npower Volunteers for what they do in their community.

According to Mr Afolabi a poll was conducted on the matters that needed to be address urgently and that is what he picked to address.

Backlog payment:
We have made tremendous progress, most backlogs has been paid. Npower knows those with backlog payment issues and those of you that tender your complaints and has been resolved will be attended to.

Device issues:
Those of you that selected device and has received sms for device collection should proceed  to the MTN collection centres in their location to collect their device. At the moment 5000 beneficiaries have not collected their device. If your device or payment is on hold, you should not go to the MTN office.

Npower is equally aware of some beneficiaries whose payment issues has been fix and yet to collect their device. Your issue shall be resolved.

Those that have collected their device and in one way or the other misplaced their device or their device was stolen, note that Npower does not have replacement policy at the moment. For those who fall under this category all you have to do is to get a new  device for yourself and contact them to help you preload the device with learning materials.

Those of you that has technical issues with your device can check the npvn portal for all the device support centres phone numbers and e-mail in their locations. You can also send your complaints to [email protected]

Permanent issues:
We have received your messages and it has been conveyed to Mr President.
Mr president promised employability  skills where as Nteach, NAgro, Nhealth  you are placed to acquire work experience that will provide you with entrepreneur skills.

All you have to do is to discover your passion and turn it into profit.

The reality of the programme is that there must be an exit to enable more people to benefit from the programme. There has been success story and some beneficiaries are beginning to benefit from their hard work.

Mr Afolabi said we have news for you but that will be communicated to you soon.

NPVN Learning content:
He stated that many of the preselected volunteers have not learn anything from the learning skill platform they provided. He further explained that they are expected to learn it withing the space of May to July before the deployment. 

Issue of profile editing:
He emphasis on the issue of editing profile that you can only edit names and others but can't edit bank account details to avoid fraudulent act 

Deployment letter:
He Congratulations the 2017 preselected applicants for being selected, you are privileged to have been chosen out of about 2.5 million people, we are mindful of your situation and we apologized for the late deployment of the 2017 preselected applicants and he revealed the new date for deployment which he said will comes up by July

Presently, about 18,000 20,000 people are yet to be on-boarded (Log-in and activate their Dashboard in the 2017 Set). Mind you, you will not be deployed when deployment is done meaning you will be disposed and replaced by those in the awaiting list.

For the 2017 set on-board should ensure their details are intact to prevent hiccups during deployment and payment

He advice N-power Volunteers to always use the verified N-power media channels and that N-power programme is free, they will never ask you for any fee.

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