How Nigeria Government Can Create Massive Job Through Freelancing

Government can create massive job in Nigeria through ICT, Freelance. How can this work?

Well! many young Skilled Nigerians are already earning by working for some big freelance website like elance and upwork. The regime of Goodluck Jonathan tried to create job by training youth to acquire skills needed to work abroad from Nigeria with some of this freelance website, but that really did not make much impact. However with the passion at which this present Buhari regime is working toward creating jobs for the unemployed youth, I think this is the way to go.

Freelancing is simply a means where you work independently and sell your skills to various clients. Unlike the regular offline jobs, with freelance, you are in charge of everything in your business. All your clients care about is that you make quality deliveries within the stipulated deadline.

Government can partner with expert in this freelance business to set up a Nigeria elance or upwork version for Nigerians with skills to work and get paid from the comfort of their home.  This can only work if government have the will to do it. It could help government organization and other private firms outsource work to ordinary skilled Nigerians and get paid for work done. This will help every other persons outsourcing jobs cut cost of running business.

All the government need to do is get expert setup an online freelance website for Nigerians,  get government organization and private organization signup on the website to outsource jobs, then skilled Nigerians will also be encouraged to signup as freelancers that will be performing task and get paid.

We can make it work

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