This is Nigeria Schools In State With Good And Bad Governance

Governances is our greatest challenge in this country. I will not like to mention Name of States but as a Nigeria, you will relate to this already. When you move around cities and villages in some state in Nigeria, this is how government with good intention for its citizen build their schools.

And the ones with selfish plans will leave their citizen with no choice in the schools below.

This cut across most states in Nigeria were money meant to be use for infrastructure development be davited into other things for selfish reasons. If only our government can be sincere to its citizens, Nigeria would have long moved out of the present situation is in right now.

Nigeria is bless with all the things a Nation need to grow economically. Some will say we know and nothing has change. The fact still remains that we have human resources, mineral resources in abundant but lack of good leadership and the will to implement policy that will better the lives of its citizens is what is killing us.

Thanks to PMB the Not Too Young To Run bill as been pass to law now young minds with great vision hopefully will be able to participate in politics and probably become the president of Nigeria sooner and then may be we will begin to see changes in our education and every other sectors of Nigeria economy.


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