Motivational Post To Usher You Into The New Week

Happy new week guys!

New day, new week, hustle continue. We must reach the destination.

Don't give up on your dreams! Keep it on! Hang in there! Be persistent! Keep trying surely that dreams of yours will soon materialise

A friend of my, woke up one day and decided to rent a shop with 60,000 Naira with out a business plan  just because of the zeal he has to start a business, he struggled at the beginning. At the end of first year, he was evicted from the shop because he can not afford to pay for the next year.

He did not give up on his passion and decide to get a shop in new location at a cheaper rate! At this time with a proper business plan. Now he is enjoying his hard work.

Never give up on your passion be it job search or thinking of starting a business. Take action and be persistent and watch how your dreams becomes a reality.

Keep your #NpowerNG hope alive

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