Quick And Easy Way To Get A Job After Graduation In Nigeria

There are No quicker and easy ways of getting a job in Nigeria if you don't have connections. Nevertheless, you can achieve that if you try the step I am going to share with you in this article.

First, you have to understand that unemployed Nigeria Graduates in the labour market are increasing and you have to prepare yourself mentally, physically for your job search.

You must be persistent, not ready to give up easily on your job search until you achieve your aims. Why is this important? This is because you might be tempted to quit searching for jobs as a result of some unfruitful job interviews attempt. And if you are not persistent you may give up applying for jobs.

Stay focus while searching for jobs, engage yourself, learn some skills when you still have the time to keep you physically and mentally fit.

Employability Skills you can Learn
Having employability skills can help you get a job.
1) Technology:
Learn how to use a computer, word processing, emailing, and how to use a photocopier.

2) Communication:
Develop your writing and speaking skills
3) Teamwork:
Learn how to work better with people
4) Problem Solving:
Learn how to find a solution when face with difficulties or setback
5) Self Management:
Learn how to take charge, getting things done without being supervised
6) Learning:
Acquire the ability to wanting to understand new things and being able to pick them up quickly.
7) Planning and organizing:
Learn how to be able to set up new ideas and how to systematically carry them out.

Bear in mind that in Nigeria employers use job aptitude tests to screen applicants and for that reason, you should prepare ahead. Get the necessary Graduate job aptitude test sample past questions and answers with explanation, Graduate Measurement Aptitude Test (GMAT), and practice in preparation for jobs interview.

Visit some genuine recruitment agency website and register to submit your CV and application online. This will save you time and aid you to easily and quickly apply for jobs on their portal when there is vacancy.

You can as well pay the recruitment agency visit in person for employment advice, that will let them connect you quickly to an organization.

Below are some of the recruitment agency in Nigeria you can signup with:

a. Dragnet Solution (eRecruiter Nigeria)
b. Workforce Nigeria
c. Poise Nigeria
d. PGConsulting Nigeria
e. Philips consulting Nigeria
f. Jobberman

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