Simple Meaning Of Onboarded And Onboard 2017 Npower Volunteers

Some of the preselected 2017 Npower Volunteers are asking question about the difference between on-boarded and onboard. So we decided to create this article to help you know the differences. Hope it helps?

Remember Mr Afolabi  mention on his last Facebook video chat that presently about 18,000 to 20,000 people are yet to be on-boarded and asked those categories of 2017 volunteers to login and activate their dashboard.

You will not be deployed when deployment is done meaning you will be disposed and replaced by those in the awaiting list. So if you are 2017 preselected volunteers and yet to be on-boarded go and activate your NPVN dashboard.

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On-boarded simply means the process of acquiring, accomodating, assimilating and accelerating new employee into the organization. To relate this definition to Npower term, Onboarded means you have uploaded the necessary details you were asked to upload e.g passport, ID Card and other necessary details and that entails you are transitioning from preselected applicants to volunteers waiting for deployment.

Onboard in Npower term simply means you have move pass the on-boarded process and are in the NPVN portal as volunteers like the 2016 volunteers who are onboard and are enrolled. However, as a 2017 preselected volunteer that is already onboarded, make sure you check your profile to see that your information are correct.

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  1. I hve been on board 4 month now,i was ask to go to my state vocall person for my assuption of duty i did so twice but no respond of payment

  2. Pls help me every was intact but still I'm in onboarded why

  3. I have been on boarded since 1jan 2019 and I reported at my ppa since December 2018


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