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The final list for the preselected N-power 2017 volunteers have been sent to state focal persons which will handle the rest of the deployment process. The list will be pasted for all to see and deployment of volunteers starts Monday, but again, there should be time given for this process, it doesn't necessarily mean you will have your deployment letters by Monday, at-least give it till Friday.

After collecting your deployment letter, you are expected to visit your place of primary assignment and pick up your confirmation letter, either stamped or what have you and upload it on the N-power Volunteer Network ( NPVN) thus this will prove you are readiness to work and your payment for the month will be processed,on|y those that upload their confirmation letters will get paid.

Mind you, if you are just confirming your NPVN Profile at the time of this message or past 6pm today, your name is not included in the list sent to your state for deployment. lf you are yet to confirm your profile , at least you have from now till Sunday to do so. However if by Monday you haven't confirmed your profile, you will be automatically replaced.

Those having issues confirming their UBA or Union Bank details should remain patient, our team are working on it,pls note that we have received your complaints regarding the NPVN and we are working tirelessly.

2017 Beneficiaries stipends payment begins August, you don't expect N-Power to pay you during application and on boarding period. N-power is a serious business, they pay for you for work done just like the stipends of your senior colleagues start by December 2016. So also 2017 beneficiaries stipends payment starts August 2018. There is time for everything

For those who are having deployment issue kindly send a mail to [email protected] for enquiries

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  1. Pls have not confirmed my details because of rearrangement of my names,do I confirm or wait for npower to correct it?hope it won't affect me?


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