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Freelancing is simply a means where you work independently and sell your skills to various clients. Unlike the regular offline jobs, with freelance, you are in charge of everything in your business. All your clients care about is that you make quality deliveries within the stipulated deadline.

There are many home base and foreign freelance platform interested N-Power Volunteers can join to start their freelance business. However, I am going to share one foreign platform you can easily work and make money if you are serious.

"That foreign freelance platform is called UPWORK.

Skills you need to have to work on up work:
On upwork their are thousands of skills stated and I know you probably will have more than one of these skills. The image Below shows example of Administrative skills you can find on upwork:

Services you can render on up work:
1. Data Science & Analytics
2. Web, Mobile & Software Development
3. Writing
4. Customer Services
5. Legal
6. Engineering & Architecture
7. Admin Support
8. IT & Networking
9. Sales & Marketing
10. Design & Creative

How to register on up work:
It is easy and completely free. Just register at: https://www.upwork.com/signup and make sure you create your profile to look professional.

How to create a professional profile on upwork:
a) Be honest about yourself
b) Highlight all your relevant skills
c) Your profile picture matters (make  it look professional)
d) Take relevant tests on the platform
e) Fill your portfolio by adding your jobs you may have done before outside or on the platform (very important for newbie)

Remember nothing is impossible, you can achieve whatever you wants to achieve only if you try. Be persistent, never give up, keep trying until you get there.

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