Six Important Things All Deployed 2017 Npower Volunteers Must Know

It is no longer news that N-power has finally released and send the list of the final selected 2017 volunteers to their various state residents for deployment and their engagement become effective  from the month of August.

Below are the Six Important Things All Onboarded & Deployed 2017 N-power Volunteers Must Know:

1. 2017 beneficiaries have till 10th August to upload the scanned copy of their stamped and signed acceptance letters on the NPVN portal.

2. Only those beneficiaries who successfully by 11th August 2018 upload their confirmation of resumption at their assigned place of primary assignment on their npvn portals would be processed for payment.

3. 2017 beneficiaries have an advantage that the 2016 batch did not have. Why? Because they were provided with learning content on the NPVN portal to practice before deployment.

4. What you should know is that, Npower is money for work done. It is not “money for the boys” neither is it “money for the girls”, it’s not what you call “money by the side”. It is a serious business.

5. August 1st 2018 is the date you all would be formally engaged into payroll of the npower batch 2 volunteers, so that’s what it means, August 1st 2018 is your formal date of engagement. Just as you have your colleagues in the batch 1 that had a formal date of engagement as December 1st 2016 your formal date of engagement is August 1st 2018.

6.  Please note that all the successfully onboarded and deployed final selection volunteers are engaged for a period of 2 years beginning August 1. 2018 to July 31. 2020.

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  1. Please I can't login with my phn update my profile, showing error,unfortunate can't go behind here. Also I did my verification last month on Npower non graduate. Are we included in this batch?


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