An Npower Volunteer Shows His Candle Making Skill

Nugwa is an N-power Volunteer who has been making candle for the past one year. Few days ago he contacted Npower discussion group Admin indicating that he wants to use our platform to teach his fellow volunteers how to make candle. So, we decided to fix a date for him to lecture us on how to make candle and I personally went to cover the candle making lecture at his place. below is the live video of his candle making lesson on Facebook:

How to make candle with Local candle making tools

Posted by Npower Discussion Group on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

He has also written an eBook tutorial on the candle making and I thought it will be nice if I share the information here with you so that you can go get the eBook and hopefully start your own candle making business. The eBook Manual is title " Guide On How To Start Your Candle Making Business With Local Tools"

You can pre-order for the eBook here=> Click here to download the eBook

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