N-power October Good News And The Embodiment Of Hope


The expectations is getting high as the 2016 N-power beneficiaries wait patiently for the month of October. Most of you will not understand why the month of October is so important to 2016 Npower volunteers and why it has been mentioned countless time on most platforms. I will tell you!

With few months left for the contract between Npower and 2016 beneficiaries to elapse, most volunteers are wondering what will become of them when they are thrown back to the street without any wrapup benefits like exit package and permanent offer which volunteers have deliberated on most time.

The month of October is significant to all the Npower beneficiaries because the believe and hope that Mr President will address the issue of Npower exit plan in his independence day speech on the 1st of October. So, they are expecting to hear good news. This was as a result of the live video chat with Mr Afolabi who mentioned in his conversation that they have good news for the 2016 beneficiaries in the month of October.

However, the 2016 Npower beneficiaries are anxious and hoping that as they enter into the month of October in two days time, they will know their fate on the permanency advocacy which Mr Afolabi has been clarifying that no such thing as permanency in Npower programme that the programme is an employability skills development programme.

Nevertheless, some Npower volunteers have been receiving calls from Npower agent asking them different questions about the programme and if you have not received the call, you might be the next to be called. So, as you patiently wait for the October good news let's us continue to take our PPA duties seriously.

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