Employee Stewardship - Lesson Npower Volunteers Must Learn

I am not an HR expert but as an individual I understand what stewardship means in organizational settings and how to use common sense to maintain good work ethics. There is one thing to get a job and there is another thing to be able to maintain an healthy relationship with your employer and your coworkers. This lead me to write about this topic.

What is Stewardship?
Oxford dictionary defined Stewardship as the act of taking care of or managing something. For example property, an organization, money or valuable objects.

An employer is always concerned about the growth of his company and as a result of that they tend to hire employee who will respect, obey and take good care of their business. In order to maintain healthy relationship in your place of work as an employee you must learn to be steward and must not do any of the listed things below:

  • You must not talk bad about your employer
  • You must learn how to dress properly to work
  • You must learn how to keep time, coming to work early and be ready to spend more time at work when the need arises.
  • You must learn how proffer solution to solve problems at work
  • You must be ready to deal with your clients with optimal respect

If you can learn all these and more, then you will have a cordial relationship both with the external and internal members of your workplace. A Food for thought for all Npower volunteers.

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