No Panicking 2017 Npower Beneficiaries - First Stipends Payment Has Process (You Will Be Paid)

Why panicking when you know Npower will surely pay you your stipends as promised. There is process in every stages of Npower activities from the application, selection, deployment, uploading of posting letter and now stipends payment.

Your first stipend payment is carefully organized, arranged in a away that your subsequent payment goes free without stress.

Let me give you an instance, the 2016 Npower beneficiaries stipends was paid in badges probably because the mode of payment was not organize and properly arranged at that time so it took some beneficiaries a week before the received their first stipends. That is what Npower is probably avoiding this time, they wouldn't want to make the same mistake again.

As long as you followed instruction from the beginning up to the letter uploading stage and you are sure that you uploaded the right posting letter " not like that guy that uploaded a photo of an incident that happened at the National Assembly as his posting letter" which I believe it was a mistake and by now he should have rectified it.

At the moment, I believed it is only the 2016 beneficiaries status that carries the title enrolled. The 2017 beneficiaries status will equally changed to enrolled when Npower verified that they have uploaded their posting letter and have resumed work at their PPA and begin receiving stipends.

So, do not panic Npower will pay you your stipends even if you were not paid because of one error or the other which is possible, you will receive your payment in form of backlog when you rectified what ever issues you have just like the 2016 Npower beneficiaries who received his 16 month backlog amount to 480k yesterday.

Let me congratulate the 2017 beneficiaries in advance for your first stipends! Use it wisely.

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  1. I have been enrolled but no payment yet while others have received theirs


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