Possible Partnership Between N-power And Busara To Engage Volunteers On Policy Intervention Rollout

Earlier today the 19th day of September 2018, some Npower beneficiaries took to social media to confirm a specific text message received probably from N-power asking them to answer a question to enable them participate in the activities with Busara. Below is the message received from Npower:

Dear Beneficiary,

You have been selected to participate in the policy intervention rollout with a team from Busara. You may receive phone calls, emails and may be visited physically at your PPA's.

Kindly answer the questions and participate in activities that may be identified by them now and again.

This might be a possible partnership between N-power and Busara which we have to wait for Npower to publicly come out and clear the air on what the message is all about.

However, we did some research to know what the name "Busara" is all about. Below is what we found out about Busara:

Busara Team: Behavioral science is a highly interdisciplinary field that draws on methods and insights from psychology, anthropology, economics, data science and more. Our team combines academic rigor with strong private sector experience to build evidence driven yet pragmatic engagements. Our 40+ engagement teams and 130+ staff members are decidedly global to ensure our interventions are leveraging cutting edge behavioral science but also grounded in the context and cultures we work in.

Our staff come to Busara with a diverse set of expertise in health, education, economics, political science, finance, gender, development studies, behavioral science, mathematics, environmental studies, anthropology, and nutrition.

Busara work: always starts with removing assumptions and pre-conceived notions about culture and context to look at the world through a fresh perspective. We spend a long time listening, learning, designing and discarding potential solutions before we find the ones that may work. Then we test, scale, break, and iterate, again and again until we have it right.

Busara Sector: Financial Inclusion, Health, Agriculture, Governance and Civil Society, Education, Academic

Location: Busara has offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Nigeria

Busara Client: CGAP Financial Sector, Deepening, Trust Gates Foundation, Global NGO, World Bank and Commercial

The above information is what we find out about Busara. So, let wait for Npower to explain more on this.

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