Wednesday, October 24, 2018

An N-Power Beneficiary Narrate How Prolong Govt Volunteer Programmes Limits Chances Of Getting Real Jobs In The Future

An N-Power Beneficiary Narrate How Prolong Govt Volunteer Programmes without retaining Limits Chances Of Getting Real Jobs In The Future

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Since the announcement of extension of the 2016 N-power beneficiaries contract beyond two years, many have been reacting to the latest development. We cant but reason with what this N-power beneficiary have said.

He said! That's how we thought 2years was a long time but now see how time flies. No matter the extension period it will come to an end and by then most people would be ineligible to apply for permanent jobs due to age. If they can't permanent us they should kindly give us seed capital or pay us the 2years extension stipend in bulk.

Mbok na so so programme person go dey do? day dey break man dey old 0. Most people will be comfortable earning 30k forever because they don't pay rent, they eat from their mother's pot, not married, never bought diaper etc. As a prodigal beneficiary I'm calling on Npower to please give me my total 2years extension stipend inheritance in bulk. Thanks

He raise a concrete point here because the resent recruitment done by some government organization shows high rate of age discrimination. If you are above 30 years, you are no longer eligible to apply in some govt and private jobs this days. And if you look at it from the other way, when N-power pay some of the volunteers off and let them go, they may not be able to manage that money well so they are better left with monthly payments.

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