Npower Volunteers Celebrate NigeriaAt58 Sing National Anthem From Different Location

In the spirit of making the independence day celebration a memorable one,  Npower volunteers sing Nigeria National Anthem from different location across the country.  The volunteers pick each line from the Anthem arranged  below and make a video.

Each Volunteers pick a line from the 9 stanza and video their selves singing the line one after the other.

1. Arise, O compatriots
2. Nigeria's call obey
3. To serve our fatherland
4. With love and strength and faith
5. The labor of our heroes past
6. Shall never be in vain
7. To serve with heart and might
8. One nation bound in freedom,
9. peace, and unity.

Nice one guys! Happy Independence day and stay blessed #NigeriaAt58 #HappyIndependenceNG #MadeForNigeria

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