The Difference Between A Freelancer And An Entrepreneur

So few days ago N-power decided to ask Volunteers where they would best prefer to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained. Entrepreneurship and be a Freelancer are among the option given, the question is "what is the difference between an entrepreneur and a freelancer?  We tried and explained briefly the differences so that those who don't have clear understanding of this two words know.

A member of Npower discussion group explain the difference. According to him, entrepreneurs are people with business startup ideas or people that want to own their own businesses,but freelancers are qualified professionals who chose to work on their own in support of other organisations who in turn get paid as a per the ratio or percentage of work done. Freelancers are not bind by employment terms,rather engagement agreements which only show percentage of payment out of what the freelancer could generate personally for the organizations that have the products/services they are promoting.

We also checked the meaning on Oxford dictionary and find out the explanation below:

Entrepreneur a person who makes money by starting or running business especially when this involves taking financial risk.

Freelancer is a person who work freelance. Freelance is earning money by selling your work or services to several different organization rather than being employed by one particular organization

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