Why Below 60K Salary Earners Are More or less Unemployed - A Call For Side Hustle

There is a debate on whether employees who earn salary below 60 thousand Naira are unemployed. Well since this matter is been debated, different people will come up with their own different opinion. As for me, employees whose monthly earning/ salary are below 60 thousand Naira are rather employed nor unemployed. Why I said this is because when you look at the economy situation in the country where unemployment is on the increase, goods are becoming expensive and in some family a single employee may be having more people depending on his low monthly salary.

How can someone who earn salary below 60 thousand Naira cooped up with the hash economy situation? A worker who find himself in this kind of situation tends to spend his hard earn monthly earning before the month runs out and may likely borrow to make earns meet which means his next month earnings will be used for the payment of money borrowed. These are what revolved low salary earners. Any one who is in this state will surely wonder if he is employed or not.

The question is what must you do to lift yourself out of this circle of dependency and low income generation? Nigeria as a Country generate most of its revenue from crude oil but when they discover that there is need to grow the economy to make more money and give its citizens better life, they decided to diversify the economy.

That is what you should do as an employee who earn Low monthly salary. "Diversify" Start doing other things that will grow your economy, invest in other business. There are business you can start from home and get your family involved, digital jobs (Freelance) for instance are jobs you could consider doing from the comfort of your home.

There are lots of materials online you can study to help you with business idea and hopefully start your own side business to support and reduce the burden on your monthly salary. Google search is there for you to search and learn. All you have to do is to develop the habit of reading and learning.

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