In Our PPA We Are Workaholic But Not Considered For Holiday Gift - Npower Volunteers Reacts

We work hard But Not Considered For Yearly Gift In Our PPA - Npower Volunteers Voice out

I came across this post on Npower discussion group and thought it would be nice if I share the feelings of my fellow volunteers. It is not easy to see your partner receiving gift to motivate them do better and others are left out. We understand that Npower volunteers are not permanent staff in their various places of assignment, but the contributes immensely at their place of assignment. At least they should be considered by the state government when ever they are rewarding their permanent staff when it come to end of the year rewards

An Npower volunteer could not hide her feeling. So, she decide to voice out regarding this matter. She wrote:

Why is it That in our PPA they consider us as workaholics in terms of work and in terms of gifts for the year, they consider us as N-power (Lord! for what happened in my school today pls permanent we the Npower beneficiaries.) or grant to us permanent in each beneficiaries states. The permanent staffs are using us like slaves.

It turns out that she is not alone in this predicament as others reacted. Checkout how other volunteers reacted below:

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  1. I experienced mine yesterday and its just nothing to write home about. I felt dejected, demoralized and downcasted. I wish my voice will be held.😭😭😭


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