Why I sponsored Bill For Eradication Of Age Limit Among Jobs Seekers - Hon Sergius Ogun

Why I sponsored Bill To Establish The Age Discrimination Against Jobs Seekers - Hon Sergius Ogun

Hon. Sergius Ogun, member of house of representative representing Esan north, East/Esan, South-Esan constituency of Edo State was on the NTAGMN show this morning and talked about why he sponsored the bill for the eradication of age limit among job seekers in Fed Govt Agencies.

According to him, coming to government and have a lot of job seekers in your constituency you have pilled of CV and the government agencies required and hire people base on age. You now begin to wonder if the ones in the private sectors also maximize, take young men and women but the government that should set an example should not do that.

In any case, I don't believe that government should have too much responsibility of employing people, create the enabling environment for the private sector to thrive. But you have a young man who is nearly 30 years but govt agency saying that you should be 26 to get a job where does that young man start from.

For some of us that was born in the village and brought up in the village, most time before you finish school with ASSU strike and all that you are almost 28-30 years, you have to go farm cassava to pay school fees that is what is happening in my constituency. So, before that man finishes most are in their early 30s.

So what that means is you are not even qualified to get a job. So, this bill is coming from my first hand experience with people coming from the rural areas. Most jobs required age limit of 26-27 and most CVs I have, they are 32-35 and the have never worked. So I am wondering how am going to get a job for a young man or woman like this.

That is what prompted this bill.
Let's galvanize forces to see this become law. The bill to establish the age discrimination against jobs seekers in Federal Government agencies scaled second reading yesterday. Says Hon. Sergius Ogun

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