You Will Be Happier With Npower Enhance - Conversation Btw Npower And A Volunteer

You will be Happier with N-power enhancement, humble Conversation between a Volunteer and Npower - Way To Go

I get motivated when ever I see an healthy employer and employee conversation in an organizational setting where there is mutual understanding, there will be increase in productivity. That is what happened between this volunteer and Npower.

It's not healthy when you as an employee keep displaying negative vibes all the time about your employer, even if you are entitled to some obligations and demands, it should be done in a polite and respectful way. That is what this N-power volunteer did and got a sound response from Npower. Below is how the conversation went down:

Adam Mohammed wrote:
On behalf of my self and the 2016 beneficiaries wish to extend our gratitude to God almighty for sparing pur lives to see to the end of the empowerment scheme. We further extend our gratitude to president Muhammad Buhari and the Npower team for allowing the programme to this level.

On the promise made as regards to enhancement package, whether fulfilled or not, we are still grateful for we will not stop serving our people and community because serving humanity is a serve to God.

Note: we initially started working three to four months before we got paid. Most of us were already on voluntary service even before the invention of Npower. Pls we should be more patient to see that the enhancement promised would unfold. God bless Nigeria.

And N-power replied:
Dear Adamu Mohammed, for your perseverance, patience and commitment thus far, we say thank you! We are indeed motivated to do  even more. Your kind words are indeed a sure lubricant to our joints, and for the confidence you have reposed in us thus far, you will be even happier with our Npower enhancement package. Thank you and God Bless!

My Fellow volunteers, this is how it should be between Npower volunteers and Npower team. We should always learn how to use the right words at all times when addressing each other as volunteers. As we enter into the year 2019 may you never speak ill about your colleagues or your superiors.

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