Between A FirstBank Customer And A Scammer - Lesson To Learn

I received an email from Firstbank today notifying me to be careful with scammers. Below is a recount of an exchange between a FirstBank customer and a scammer that was email to me by Firstbank:

Scammer: My name Is Benjamin from FIrstBank Abuja branch ’Your BVN ls 123456789

Your phone number is 080 **** Your date of birth is 4th January 19**

Your 5-digit number used to create your mobile banking app is ****.

Funmi“: Ok....

Scammer: One Mr Usman was trying to move money from your FirstBank account. I stopped the transaction but I need you to verify if you authorised It. That's why you are yet to get a debit alert

Scammer: Did you give your ATM card to anyone or did you use your ATM card recently?

Funmi: No

Scammer: OK. if you have your ATM card with you please read out your card numbers so I can stop the transaction

Funmi: But you said you already stopped it. I have also confirmed to you that I did not authorise It so you can go ahead an block whatever needs blocking. if you are TRULY a First Bank staff

Scammer: Aren't the first five numbers on your card ****? What Is the number after that?

Funmi: I will NEVER read out my card number to anyone over the phone who claims to be a FirstBank staff, I would rather go to a FirstBank branch and complain

Scammer: Am I a ghost? Am I not a FirstBank staff since I have all your details?

Funmi: I am not giving you my card numbers

Scammer: cuts cell

Funmi was smart enough to challenge the caller and not give out her personal account information. She also went to the nearest branch to verify the transaction where she was assured that her account was fine provided she didn't give out her card details or PIN.

Remember to never divulge your personal account details to anyone. even when they provide valid information about your account.

If you are unsure of any communication received from FirstBank please call 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228) 014485500, 0708-062-5000, or visit the nearest branch close to you to verify.

You should share this information with family & friends and have them share with others as this will serve as a means of preventing someone from falling prey to fraudsters.


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  1. I was called today with the number ,014485500 with regard to my account.. is the caller a scammer


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