Chief Audu Ogbeh Highlight Agric Sector Achievement Under Buhari Administration

Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh appeared on the programme "Good Morning Nigeria" on NTA to talk about some of the achievements recorded in the agricultural sector under President Muhammadu Buhari's administration and shed light on the outlook for 2019.

Here are highlight of the conversation according to Chief Audu Ogbeh, Nigeria is the second largest producer of sorghum in the world, Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in Africa followed by Mali, Nigeria is the Second largest producer of sesame seed after Ethiopia.

We are the second largest producer of gum Arabic after Sudan. We are also the leader of yam and Cassava. We are the largest producer of hibiscus flower Zogbo which we export to Mexico and Russia. We are about to launch in 2019 cocoa,we use to be number 2 in the world but went back to number 7 we have to climbed to where we belong number one. We are reintroducing coffee which grow every well here, the roboster mainly in the southern state and the Arabica on the plateau and Mambilla.

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