President Buhari Response To What To Do With Recovered Corrupt Funds Question - The Candidates

Some Nigerians where opportune to ask President Buhari and VP Osinbajo questions in a town hall meeting "The Candidates" which was telecasts LIVE on NTAi yesterday Wednesday 16th January 2019 by 8pm and someone put a question to Mr President on what he will do with money recovered from corrupt activities?

President Muhammadu Buhari responded that I think the Government have taken note on that, firstly by asking that there should be TSA Treasury Single Account so that all manners you know either is revenue or fund recovered from corrupt people will go to single account so that it can be accounted for and how is taking away.

He said, I think I have already made a statement on that issue and what we are doing with the extreme deficit in infrastructure, that money will be put for infrastructure the road, the rail, power but it will go along with budgeting which means initially the National Assembly when the approve the budget, what ever benefit we like it to become will be funded from the budget.

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