VP Osinbajo Talked About Poverty And How They Are Dealing With It - The Candidate

According to VP Osinbajo response to a question asked by a viewer about poverty, he said India has a plan to get his people out of poverty that is how India have even overtaken us.

The first plan to get people out of poverty incredibly plan is what we have in place. We are spending 500 billion in our budget, poverty does not disappear, we have got to deal with it. That is what exactly we are doing, we are dealing with it on a daily basis, we have incredible programme and we are ensuring that the programme works.

Today isn't incredible that people will squandered the type of money when oil was in 100 dollars per barrel and poverty was at a 112 billion extremely poor. Those same people  asks the same questions why today,  that we are still poor today because nobody took the trouble to take people out of  poverty.

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